New Members

A Guide to Getting Started with Qwire

We are glad you’re considering joining the Qwire!  Qwire welcomes the diversity of sexual orientations, sex and gender identities including and not limited to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Queer as well as our straight allies.

What follows is some information to help you make the most of your first few weeks with the Qwire. If you have any questions, please speak to our Secretary, or send an email to

1. First Visit to the Qwire
On your first visit, you will be met by the Secretary who will ask you for some basic contact details, which will enable Qwire to register you as an interim member and enable Qwire to provide you with information updates via email. The Secretary will introduce you to other key people in the Qwire who will, in turn, introduce you to other members of the Qwire and help make your time with the Qwire as enjoyable as possible.

Our Musical Director will speak to you about singing in a section that is most suitable for your voice range.

2. Membership
We don’t expect you to sign up as a member on your first night, as you may prefer to check us out and get to know us over a few rehearsals before deciding if Qwire is for you – and we sincerely hope it is! 
If you do not feel entirely comfortable during your first visit, please come back again the following week because people often find the first visit a little daunting/overwhelming due to the large number of people in the Qwire family.  It gets easier with each visit – we promise! – and we will do our best to help you get to know everyone.

If you decide to become a member (and we sincerely hope you do!), you can download a membership form or collect a form at rehearsal. The completed form can be returned to the Secretary at rehearsal, emailed to, or mailed to Qwire, GPO Box 3095 Canberra ACT 2601.

Memberships are confirmed once the Committee endorses your membership form and we receive your membership fees, which are due for payment by the end of February and July each year.  The fees for each semester are noted on the membership form.

3. Music Packs
Membership fees for singing members include a music pack, which contains all the sheet music for the songs that we will be rehearsing during the semester.  A list of the songs are also available in the member section of the website.
Until you pay your membership fees, Qwire members will share their sheet music with you.  There are also a limited number of “for loan only” music packs available from the Librarian if you prefer to have your own music during your visit.
4. Learning the Music
We usually perform the music from memory. To help you learn the music, in addition to weekly rehearsals, your section holds section rehearsals approximately once a month. Qwire members always look forward to these section rehearsals because not only do they help with learning the music, they are also incredibly fun and social – there is usually food and drinks involved!
You will also be provided with audio recordings of your part which you can listen to.
While the learning curve is a bit steep at first (everything is new to new Qwire members), it does get easier with each passing week.
Remember, Qwire is a non-auditioned Qwire, which means we have people singing with different abilities and experiences.  So don’t be too concerned if you can’t hit a particular note or if you feel that you are having difficulty keeping up during weekly rehearsals.  Your section leader will provide you with some tricks to make it all come together.  Members are often surprised by what they are able to accomplish with the support they receive in the Qwire.
Your participation is the most important thing.

5. Performing with the Qwire
We encourage our members to perform at various gigs held throughout the year and in particular at our mid-year and end of year concerts when they feel ready to do so. In order to ensure that we can give the best possible performance to the community, we generally expect all members to attend 80% of rehearsals if they wish to perform at a particular gig. 

Of course, we realise that members have family/social/work commitments and there are always those holidays that must be taken to keep your sanity. So, if you can’t attend a rehearsal, then you should advise your section leader as soon as possible who will record the attendance record accordingly. If you are unable to attend 80% of rehearsals but feel that you are still ready to perform at an up-coming gig, we encourage you to have a chat to the Musical Director.

6. Social Media
All members are encouraged to spread the word about Qwire and you can help in that regard by joining us in the social media:

Liking us on Facebook: and getting your friends to like us as well
Following us on Twitter: @CanberraQwire and re-tweeting our tweets

Who's Who
These are the people you should familiarise yourself with as soon as possible, once you've joined Canberra Qwire...

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Convenor: Dave Worner

Dave is our head honcho and has been endorsed by the membership to help steer Qwire through the year and beyond. Dave is also the official spokesperson for Qwire and chairs our committee meetings and will make regular announcements at rehearsals.

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Secretary: Chris Healy

Chris is the Convenor's right hand, and handles all administrative matters for Qwire including preparing agendas and minutes of our committee meetings, processing general enquiries received and generally assisting other committee members with administrative matters.

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Treasurer: Lizzie Gordon & Dave Worner

Please familiarise yourself with our Treasurer. Their job is a substantial one - responsible for tracking all revenue and expenses. They are also the one who will be following up with members in regards to paying their membership fees.

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Music Librarian: Vicki Marsh

Vicki liaises with our Musical Director and puts together our music packs as well as providing loans services to other organisations who may wish to borrow music from our library and also seeks out music books for special numbers that we may be performing.

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Events Manager: Yvonne Korn & Emily Peelgrane

Our Events Managers are responsible for managing Qwire's participation at public events and logistical arrangements for our concerts which includes venue liaison, stage and technical support, budgets and ticketing.

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Bookings Officer: Yvonne Korn & Emily Peelgrane

Our Bookings Officer's role is to receive enquiries from people who would like to book Qwire, and to secure venues for our concerts and other activities.

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Publicity Officer: Trevar Chilver

Trevar's role is to promote Qwire and our concerts to the general public to ensure we remain a Qwire of Choice and to ensure that ticket sales to our concerts are maximised.

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Webmaster: MAC Cosgrove & Vicki Marsh

Our Webmaster works diligently to ensure our webpage remains current with correct information and fixes any reports of broken links or other webpage issues.