High Court concert

Sun, 11 Aug 2019
Qwire was delighted to perform a large repertoire at the High Court of Australia to a packed house featuring songs of love, compassion and hope.  Karen Wilden conducted with her usual flair bringing out the heart and warmth from Qwire singers that has become our trademark. Jess Stewart accompanied Qwire on piano with enthusiasm and humour and John Dobson and Dominic Hill played violin and cello for our magnificent piece 'Fall on me' -soloists Lou Brooks, Lizzie Gordon, James Routson & Pete Pakapat were divine.  'Ella's Song' captured a different mood with soloists Stacey Graham, Gerard Clifton, Marco Xuereb and Veronica Wensing.  'Hua Fei Hua' based on a 1200 year old Chinese poem was sung in Madarin and English to a composition by Qwire members Cindy Li & Jess Stewart.  Other songs sung with subteltly and passion were : The Vigil, Brave, Pulse, Everybody wants to rule the world, Everything Possible, Imagine, The Seal Lullaby, Sudden Light, You Gotta be, All will be well and All you need is love.  This concert will remain a highlight of 2019 for both Qwire members and our broad audience.  

Fall On Me