Sponsors and Community Partners

With financial support from the Australian Capital Territory


Qwire is proudly supported by our Community Partner Meridian

Meridian is Canberra’s leading community-controlled organisation taking action to prevent HIV, improve the healthand wellbeing of people impacted by HIV and LGBTQIA+ people, and create safe and inclusive communities.

Meridian increases access to HIV and STI prevention, testing, and treatment. It conducts targeted health promotion activities, runs community events, and provides peer-led support services and activities for people living with and at risk of HIV.

Meridian works to improve the health and wellbeing of LGBTQIAA+ people, sex workers and people who use drugs. From youth services, to peer navigation, disability and aged care programs, Meridian supports LGBTQIA+ people across their lifespans. Meridian’s Wellbeing Services provide high-quality, person-centred counselling and mental health supports. Additionally, Meridian provides education and training to increase understanding across the ACT about LGBTQIA+ communities and their health needs.

Meridian works with the community to celebrate and nurture their rich diversity and to strengthen their collective resilience against the adverse effects of stigma and discrimination and the impacts of minority stress.

Qwire is proudly sponsored by Northside Community Service

Northside Community Service is a community-based, not for profit organisation established in 1976 through the efforts of concerned people wanting to provide and develop support and services for residents of North Canberra.

Today they employ over 200 staff, along with an active volunteer program and operate an annual budget of over $9 million. In responding to the needs of the community they currently deliver a diverse range of services, including:

  • children’s services
  • services for older people and people with a disability
  • home support, transport and social programs for seniors
  • support programs for young people and families
  • women’s housing and emergency relief
  • social groups
  • venue hire for community activities

Northside is currently seeking sponsors. For more information, please email sponsors@canberraqwire.org.au


Qwire is proudly supported by our Community Partner A Gender Agenda

A Gender Agenda aims to support the goals and needs of the intersex, transgender and gender diverse communities of Canberra and the surrounding region. Through education, advocacy, peer support and professional networks we connect people to each other and build off the wisdom of collective experiences. For over fifteen years, AGA has represented a gold standard of TGD+I support that is unique in Australia.

Qwire is proudly supported by our Community Partner SpringOUT

Qwire recognises SpringOUT as a leading organisation in Canberra's LGBTQIA+ community and as a valuable partner in reaching out to our community, with a long history of running the Festival and other key LGBTQIA+ events during the year

SpringOUT's objectives are to

  • provide a vehicle for LGBTQIA+ individuals and groups to express, affirm and celebrate their pride and highlight the contribution they make to the cultural fabric of the Canberra region
  • promote a broader message of positivity, diversity and acceptance
  • integrate the SpringOUT festival into the wider cultural and social profile for residents of the Canberra region, as well as the broader tourism market
  • reaffirm a sense of community for individuals and groups who may otherwise be marginalised; and 
  • provide educational, cultural, and creative spaces that encourage free expression


Qwire is proudly supported by our Community Partner Coordinate

Coordinate is Canberra's leading creative communications and data-driven media consultancy.

Coordinate brings together a unique and diverse mix of skills, experience and backgrounds that is unrivalled in the Canberra market. With a fully integreated offering, Coordinate provides some of Australia's most experienced practitioners that deliver creative solutions, data driven media, technology and content for every format and every channel.
Our purpsoe is clear - to inspire and impact the world around us.

As a creative and communications data-driven media consultancy, our services include:
- Brand and Creative
- Content and Communications
- Data driven Media and technology
- Design and Digital

Qwire is proudly supported by our Community Partner Instant Colour Press

Instant colour Press provides top quality , efficient printing services for Government departments, small business and large corporations, not for profit organisations, clubs, schools, sporting clubs and community organisations. ICP was established in 1982 and has always been locally owned and operated. With over 41 years experience in the print industry we pride ourselves on our customer service.


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